Versiunea �n rom�na
From 26th June 2007, our name is Romanian Association for Information and Social Implication and we have a new statute. The old information on this page is located here.

The Association's scope is the access to correct information for the members of the community and the social integration of under-privileged categories (aged men, handicapped persons, victims of family aggression, unbounded persons from penitentiaries, persons with difficulties and other under-privileged categories).

In order to cary out its scope, the Association proposed the initiation of some projects whose objectives are the correct information of the population and the creation of a propicious climate for social integration of the under-privileged categories.

The values that we believe in:

  • implication
  • responsability
  • professionalism
  • initiative
  • team work
  • performannce
  • equality of chances

The ways to achieve the objectives:

  • publishing;
  • campaigns, symposiums, meetings, forums, courses, workshops and other activities with informative or educative scope;
  • support for other organizations, voluntaries, or programme initiators whose scope is identical or akin with the scope of the Association;
  • the development of projects in order to stimulate the cooperation between NGOs that have the same scope as our Association;
  • the accomplishment of special programs for the improvement of the informational system of the public authorities;
  • any other activities that contribute, directly or indirectly to the fulfilling of the scope of the Association.

Juridical Details

  • - The Statute of the Romanian Association for Information and Social Integration was notarized at the registry of the public notary Iulian Ciurea.
  • - On January 17th, 2002, at the Judicature of Sector 6 from Bucharest, the application for founding the Romanian Association for Information and Social Integration was admitted and it was invested with the corporate body attribute. The decision was definitive at Feb. 11th, 2002.
  • - On Feb. 4th, 2002, the Romanian Association for Information and Social Integration was registered in the Special Register Of The Associations and Foundations of the Judicature from the 6th Sector, Bucharest, receiving the Certificate of the unprofitable corporate body number 8/PJ.
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